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EF-2000 EDF Radio Ready RC Airplane, Silver

HC-Hobby EF-2000 EDF ARF 2.4ghz


EF-2000 EDF Radio Ready RC Airplane, Silver


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HC-Hobby has just revealed an impressive, innovative, and extremely fast EDF ARF jet. The HC-Hobby EF2000 can reach speeds exceeding 75 mph. It's super light-weight construction and detailed design is sure to make heads turn. At first glance, it may look kind of plain, but its stealthy, black design gives this jet a characteristic appearance that no one can overlook. This jet is easy to assemble and a breeze to fly making it a great plane for flyers of all skill levels. The front landing gear could turn around making landing and directional movement on land simple. The HC-Hobby EF-2000 EDF jet is made for speed and performance.

  • Single-seat, twin-engine fighter
  • Swing-role
  • Supremely agile

The Eurofighter EF 2000 is the military foundation of the Partner Nations' joint air force. This fighter is a highly agile aircraft equipped with a Air-to-Surface, multi-role/swing-role weapon system, making it the most capable front line fighter available. The Swing-Role mechanism allows the aircraft to perform a number of different roles, all of which are carried out with ease and precision. Developed by Europe's leading aerospace companies, the Eurofighter Typhoon is now the aircraft of choice for the Air Forces of six separate nations: Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so if you're looking for air superiority, look no further.


  • Unique Ap-layout, a perfect amalgamation of maneuverability and flexibility.
  • Front landing gear is capable of turning. Thanks to rudder, its flight could be changed skillfully during its flight course, fluent aerobatics capacity. Flight course could be easily chosen, leveled and corrected when landing.
  • Blocking design for easy repair. Parts, such as the duct wing, ESC, motor, servo, receiver, linkage steel, nose cowl, etc, can be repaired or replaced easily and efficiently.
  • The brushless ESC is self-cooling, due to the airflow received from the ducted fans. This will prevent the ESC From overheating during operation.
  • Scale replica of the EU fighter EF2000.
  • Flies great at slow speeds with little tip stall tendencies.
  • Fantastic looking profile in the sky.
  • Flight time of 10 minutes or more.
  • Easy to fly.
  • Very Fast and power

In Depth

  • Length: 979mm(38.33/in)
  • Wing Span: 648mm(25.5/in)
  • Wing Area: 21.02dm^2 (325.7 sq in)
  • Flying Weight: 650g (22.92 oz)
  • Wing Load: 30.92g/dm^2 (1.1oz/sq ft)
  • Thrust: 470g
  • Ducted Fan: 1 x 64mm
  • Speed Controller: 1 x 30amp brushless speed controller
  • Motor: 400 size 4300KV Motor
  • Servos: Three 9G Servos (2 servos for ailerons, 1 servo for rudder)
  • Power System: 11.1V 1600 MAH Lipo-Battery
  • Flight Time: 7-10 Minutes

In the Box

  • EF2000 Ready to Fly Jet


  • 4 channel or above radio controller
  • 4 channel or above recei

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HC-Hobby EF-2000 EDF ARF 2.4ghz HC-Hobby EF-2000 EDF ARF 2.4ghz