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Top 3 Easiest to Fly RC Helicopters

Posted 2011-10-12

Flying Remote Control Helicopters always comes with a challenge – the challenge to fly an RC helicopter easily, quickly, perfectly, and most of all, successfully! In the past, it was difficult for hobbyists to fly helicopters and airplanes because of the use of combustion- powered engines, a not-so-easy thing to do. Although most hobbyists continued with their love for the hobby, it attracted only a few soon-to-be flyers because of its intricacies. Today, it is much easier to fly RC Helicopters than before. Gone are the days of combustion- powered engines. With the influx of more reliable and easy to maneuver RC helicopters, more and more hobbyists have greater access to flying at a maximum level. Electric RC helicopters were built to make flying more accessible. Most of these models are ready-to-fly out of the box. In fact, for more hobbyists’ satisfaction, some electric RC helicopters are custom built according to their preference. Most beginners prefer to fly the Coaxial RC helicopters because of the stability, equilibrium and strength it displays when flying. Beginners tend to grope with the speed and balance as well as adjust with the eye and hand coordination. With the stability of coaxial helicopters, one is assured of a safe flight and that these Electric Helicopters will not stop in mid-air. Coaxial RC helicopters are very easy to fly, the top one easiest, to say the most. It has two rotors, one on top of the other, in which both rotors are rotating opposite of each other. This model primary gives a smooth flight and control convenience. One notable tip to take into account is that, it is great to start with ready-to-fly RC helicopters rather than the ARF or almost-ready-to-fly. Make sure, too that the R C Helicopter has not more than 3 to 4 channels being used. This means that more channels would be more complex and would require more functions to be learned. As a result, this model can require more time to learn and tutorials needed from an instructional pilot. Second to the Coaxial is the Airwolf 4 channel RC helicopter. This also comes ready to fly out from the box. Also electric-powered, the Airwolf 4 has become one of the RC helicopter enthusiasts most preferred model. A 4-channel remote control helicopter can give the hobbyist an ultimate experience in flying, a realistic one, something as good as the real thing. For beginners who still want to try the best of both worlds – the convenience of flying, yet something that is not boring, the SYMA 3D Army Chinook transporter helicopter can provide the thrill and excitement of flying and still at the beginners’ level. This RC helicopter is just perfect for beginners. It has a gyro chip that makes learning to control and fly the helicopter quickly.
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Top 3 Easiest Fly Rc Helicopters
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