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A Review of the Top 5 RC Helicopter Brands

Posted 2011-10-25

There are many brands and kinds of Remote Control Helicopters going around in today’s’ market, especially now that it has become such a big thing and since it is something that can be enjoyed by all ages. Five Electric RC Helicopter brands are most dominant in the market. The leading one in the market is the Rave 90 ENV Nitro Helicopters. It's simple, easy to use, easy to build, and it has maximum 3D performance. The level of difficulty does not compromise the functions it has. Being light- weight makes it able to move faster without compromising the steadiness. It has multi- position control options for extreme flying. The next in line would be the TREX 250 SE Super Combo w/Servos and Gyro. Its main rotor is newly designed for improved stability and agility in flying. It is also very simple in terms of maintenance. In the same manner, installation and start up is that convenient too. It's built with landing skids in order to make it last longer with durability unquestioned, especially if it goes through a series of hard landings and even some crashes. The TREX 250 SE Super Combo is very colorful. Making it something that will be easy for you to spot while it is up in the air, especially if you are flying your RC helicopters with friends. If you join competitions with it, its distinct color could easily catch attention. This way, the color serves as guide as you focus on it. As a result, there will not be confusion to which one is yours. No doubt, it is the TREX 250 SE Super Combo in the air, and it is yours! The third best RC helicopter in the market is the T-REX 600N Nitro Pro. It is a very simple fiberglass model with easy clip on and off attachment of parts, making installation easier for the user. It's simple and light design provides very good flight performance that can maintain stability while it's just hovering and while in flight. This RC helicopter was built with a rigid frame so it can handle hard crashes or landings without any serious damage to the model. Fourth in line among the top 5 Radio Controlled Helicopter is the T-REX 450 Pro kit. It was also, like the first three kinds, built for high rigidity and stability; another RC helicopter that can take hard landings or crashes. It's equipped with a newly designed high torque motor, which is what keeps the model very steady while in flight. It's tail design was made in order for it to fly just like a real helicopter, but much smaller, giving you the feel you are flying a real helicopter. The 5th in the top 5 is the Raptor 50 Titan ARF. It's built with a push-pull system for wonderful pitch control & elevator control. It's made with a body support post, making hard crashes and landing not a problem. This RC helicopter is something that will definitely impress beginner fliers.
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Review Top 5 Rc Helicopter Brands
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