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ZZZ - 4 Channel RC Helicopter Simulator

Dynam 4 Channel Simulator


ZZZ - 4 Channel RC Helicopter Simulator


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Most RC helicopter enthusiasts will tell you that the hardest part of flying helicopters is developing the conditioned response helicopter flight requires, such as the ability to make the appropriate transmitter inputs quickly and correctly without hesitation as your helicopter heads straight into trouble. A simulator will not only improve your performance in real life, but will allow you a risk free environment where you can become familiar with the unique characteristics of RC flight. Although it may seem like an expensive purchase, a good simulator will pay for itself, by saving you money by not having to replace broken parts.

One of the difficult parts of learning to fly R/C helicopters is becoming comfortable with constantly touching and controlling the sticks. Unlike other types of RC vehicles, which arent as hands on, helicopter flight require constant input from the pilot in order to maintain a hover and even more input to control the movement and direction of flight. One of benefits of using this simulator package is the realistic transmitter, which lets you get accustomed to flying with an actual transmitter rather than a toy joystick, allowing you to become one with the sticks. Whether its the realistic graphics or realistic flight models and physics, this package is sure to please even the most demanding of consumers.


  • Realistic Transmitter allows practicing flying on an actual controller.
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Practice Flying with various Models
  • Can be configured for Mode 1 or 2

In Depth

  • System Requirements: Windows Vista, Vista, XP, 2000, ME or 98
  • Processor: CPU Intel Pentium 600 or above
  • Memory: 32mb
  • Disk Drive: CDrom
  • Port: USB Port
  • Supports: FMS flight simulator package
  • Transmitter: 4 Ch (Throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder)
  • Mode: Can be configured for Mode 1 or 2
  • Language: Over 20 languages supported, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese

In the Box

  • Brand New 4 Channel USB transmitter
  • Latest CD Simulation software
  • USB cable to connect to computer
  • English instruction manual


  • Everything needed to practice flight is included!

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