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Paracopter Toy RC Airplane

Team RC Paracopter


Team RC ParacopterTeam RC ParacopterTeam RC ParacopterTeam RC Paracopter

Paracopter Toy RC Airplane

HH-APC16010E by Team RC

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XenonProject is now proud to present one of our most unique products – the Sky Paracopter! I'm sure most of you all are familiar with RC helicopters and RC airplanes. But, as far as I know, I haven’t seen too many RC Paracopters. At first glance, the unique design of this RC model may provoke doubt regarding its air-flight capabilities. With a body and base that looks more at home in a modern architecture museum, the Paracopter’s unwieldy design on the ground transmutes into a graceful bird of flight once it becomes airborne. Its colorful parachute, buffed by the wind emitted from its rotary turbine engine, flares out and sends this strange RC soaring out into the heavens. The controls are ingeniously designed – servos that work in conjunction with the engine give you subtle control over the parachute, allowing you to glide back and forth in the air. Finally, landing becomes easier than ever, as the parachute sets you gently down onto the ground from your flight. Be one of the more unique pilots at your local airfield or flying location with the Sky Paracopter!


  • Great for Beginner Pilots
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Fully Functional – Climb, Cruise, Left/Right, Descend
  • Great for parks
  • Fun for all ages
  • Unique design with parafoil canopy
  • Ready to

In Depth

  • Length: 10 inches
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Canopy Span: 20 inches
  • Frequency: 27 mhz
  • Power System: 7.2V 750mAh NiMh Battery
  • Radio System: 3 Channel Radio Controller
  • Charge Time: 1 – 2 hours
  • Run Time: approx 10 minutes
  • Max Distance: 400-500 f

In the Box

  • RC Paracopter
  • 3 Channel Radio Controller
  • 7.2V 750mAh NiMh Battery
  • Wall Char


  • 6 AA Batteries
Team RC ParacopterTeam RC ParacopterTeam RC ParacopterTeam RC ParacopterTeam RC ParacopterTeam RC Paracopter

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