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Groovy 50 3D

The World Models Groovy 50 3D


The World Models Groovy 50 3DThe World Models Groovy 50 3D

Groovy 50 3D

HH-DUB999 by World Models


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  • Capable of both F3A maneuvers as well as 3D performance.
  • All Balsa & wood construction.
  • Premium hand-ironed on covering.
  • Plug-in rib wings.
  • Pull-pull system for rudder.
  • Comes with tinted canopy.
  • Comes with all hardware and accessori

In Depth

  • Wing Span: 54.5 in / 1390 mm
  • Wing Area: 648 sq in / 41.8 sq dm
  • Flying Weight: 5.7 lb / 2600 g
  • Fuselage Length: 53.5 in / 1360


  • 4-stroke 0.50-0.70 engine
  • 4-channel radio w/ 5 standard ser
The World Models Groovy 50 3DThe World Models Groovy 50 3D

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3.0 (based on 1 reviews)
100% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.
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By: Gradenko23

From: Cavite, Philippines
3.0 World Models Groovy 50 3D Assembly and Maiden Flight 2017-04-16
Very Cheap ARF
Too heavy for a 3D Plane, weak landing gear
For experienced modelers only
Comments about Groovy 50 3D:
Bought this plane for an incredibly good price. The proportions of the plane suggested that it would be a nice, sweet 3D flier. However during assembly I discovered so many shortcomings with the kit. The instruction manual is mostly inadequate and will not tell you beyond what you already can figure by just inspecting the parts. Servo installation inside the fuselage is not specified and you have to figure this out all on your own. I ended up installing the extra servo tray provided which I think is too redundant and makes the airplane already more heavy than it already is. The elevator pushrod arrangement also gives little or NO thought to servo location. I ended up having 2 servo trays installed with only 1 servo installed on each. The rudder servo needs to be installed first as its pull-pull wires need to clear the middle bulkhead in the mid-aft fuselage, then the elevator servo needs to be in a second servo tray to meet up with the badly-located elevator pushrod wire. The throttle servo tray also doubles as the fuel tank retaining structure and the manual suggests gluing it in place. This I found very unacceptable as there will be no way to service the fuel tank later on without damaging/destroying the servo tray. So again, I had to reposition it in another place far from where the manual says it should be.There are no "hard" ply-reinforced structures in the fuselage, rigidity comes from the purely balsa sheets layered together in "strategic" places. This makes the whole fuselage weak and needs some serious reinforcement in key places. The tail surfaces of this airplane are all balsa-sheeted with fiberglass tip structures, which are too heavy for an airplane of this category, it is also this fact that makes it very tail-heavy. But the very major concern with this kit is the WEAK langing gear structure. There are only 2 pcs. of 1/8 ply with so little glue on them. And what's worse is they are attached directly to the thin balsa fuse sides with no reinforcement whatsoever. This I had to extensively modify by "surgically" cutting out the old gear plate and replacing it with something more hefty; a large 5-ply hardwood plate with pinewood rails and tri-stock to be able to absorb the forces of not-so-perfect landings. The heavy plastic servo trays on the ailerons also double as covers. The slots I had to enlarge to allow full servo deflection. The wings, just like the tail surfaces use fiberglass tips and are sheeted with very little open panels. This makes the airplane even more heavy than it needs to be. This airplane is so heavy and most of that weight is behind the recommended balance point. And ironically still with all this weight the fuselage is very structurally weak. Other 3D airplanes are far lighter yet stronger than this one. The horizontal stab also has a built in incidence on it that you only notice during building. why the design is like this we would not really know but it did cause some trimming problems during the first flight as there is always a built in "up elevator", couple that with the tail heaviness I had to make the airplane even more heavy by putting a 300-gram lead weight up front. Flying the airplane you will notice how the wind cannot "faze" it because of it's weight. And since I fly from a very short runway I had to employ flaperons to slow it down for landing approach. However it tracks very well like it's on rails, and it's stall characteristics are benign.
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The World Models Groovy 50 3D The World Models Groovy 50 3D