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Posted 2012-11-27

Parts For Your Troubles You recently just purchased your child an Esky Big Lama – one of and the top quality performance RC helicopters – for their birthday. Your child didn’t even have it out of the box for a month and it’s acting up. To not kill your child’s spirits of their gift, you take it to someone who can repair it. The repairmen lets you know that you’ll need esky big lama parts, but the procedure is quite simple and it would cost you more to have the repairmen fix it than the fixing actually costs. So, the repairman tells you what needs to be done and you purchase the parts and head home to do it to yourself. Sadly, you should’ve just forked out the cash to have a professional fix it because now you messed it up big time. Its okay, you’re human. Breaking the news to your child might not be pleasant, but you can show them a list of rc helicopter and have them pick the one they really want within a reasonable price. The excitement of receiving a new RC helicopter will help your child forget the misfortunate of the short lived birthday present. In the future, if you need more parts, check out: remote control helicopter parts
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